Finding Yourself on the Right Path

16 Jun

I found two linked articles by Mel E on desonance. The first is entitled “Customer Experience Mapping &” the second is “& Service Blueprinting“. I found both quite intriguing as it breaks down some of the process

of finding the customer path. This is something all designers can use in their work.

I pulled the definitions of each (in Mel’s words) to help get some interest started in this area.

What’s a customer experience map?
It’s a graphical representation of the service journey of a customer. It shows their perspective from the beginning, middle and end as they engage a service to achieve their goal, showing the range of tangible and quantitative interactions, triggers and touchpoints, as well as the intangible and qualitative motivations, frustrations and meanings

What is a service blueprint?
A service blueprint is a schematic diagram that represents all the details of a service from the customer and organisation’s perspective. It shows how the different service components link into each other – showing the different touchpoints and options customers have to choose from and how the internal workings support those choices.

Because it maps out chronologically and in sequence all the various interactions and actions that occur in parallel when customer and company meet, it shows all the interactions by and with the customer. So it also illustrates the stages and complexity of the encounter and distinguishes between the customer experiences (and decisions) and the systems, invisible to the customer, that operate backstage to ensure that these are delivered.


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